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Waxhaw Lions Club

About Us.

Making A Great Place To Live Even Better.

Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization with more than 1.35 million men and women in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world. Since 1917 (Waxhaw Club chartered in 1985), Lions clubs have aided the blind and visually impaired and made a strong commitment to community service and serving youth throughout the world. When we work together, we can achieve greater goals.

Whenever a Lions Club gets together, problems get smaller – and communities get better. That’s because we help where help is needed – in our own communities and around the world – with unmatched integrity and energy.

We are one of the most effective service club organizations in the world. We get the job done. Everywhere we work, we make friends – with children who need schoolbooks, with seniors who need transportation, and with people we may never meet. We’re led by talented, dedicated volunteer leaders from around the world. And, we’re supported by the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), which helps to fund Lions humanitarian projects.

Right now, Lions are improving communities around the world. We’re planning a local project. We’re sponsoring international exchanges for young people. We’re bringing clean water to a remote village. We’re building, sharing, and repairing. And we’re having fun while doing it!

Our jaws dropped when we saw how much food was collected.
– Rev. Brad Cunningham & Volunteers at the Common Cupboard

Join Us!

Waxhaw Lions Club members meet at 6:30 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at various Waxhaw locations.

For more information, please contact us at waxhaw.lion@gmail.com or message us on Facebook: @WaxhawLionsClub

seeing clearly


Free Vision Screenings

Lions are known throughout the world for their work to improve the lives of the visually impaired and prevent avoidable blindness. Lions Club proudly serves its continued efforts by offering unique and impactful initiatives, programs, and grants.

Helping Others

Disaster Relief

Support Those In Need

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, Lions are often among the first to offer aid. Lions Club is ready to support their efforts with funding assistance through global disaster relief programs.

Improving Lives


Making A Difference

Lions from around the world fight for better diabetes relief. We run initiatives and programs to improve the lives of those living with diabetes and helping others from developing type two diabetes.

Impacting Our Community


Providing Meals & Nutrition

Hunger is a problem without borders. We’re offering grants, programs, and initiatives to help Lions make huge strides in providing meals and nutrition for those in need.

Sustainable Future


The Earth Sustains Human Life.

From recycling programs to ensuring all areas have access to clean water, we’re working hard to keep the earth in its best condition. 

Improving Outcomes

Childhood Cancer

Being A Help Agent

Provides funding support to Lions and has developed strategic partnerships to help improve outcomes for children with cancer. 57% of childhood cancer cases go undiagnosed in parts of the world.

Get Involved

There Are Many Reasons To Become A Member.

As a lion you will...

Kindness Matters

  • Help your community
  • Gain valuable skills
  • Make an impact on people’s lives
  • Exercise leadership skills within a respected organization
  • Network with people in your community and around the world
  • Energize your life and have fun


You’ll grow both personally and professionally. And you’ll know that what you do is worthwhile and appreciated.